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Our Puppy Program and Upcoming Litters

Upcoming litters:

Morgan and her 12, yes 12 babies. Rocky
Just some of the cuties from Zoey x Park
Sneak Peak of Zoey x Parker’s photo shoo
Their Care

Each pup experiences Early Neurological Stimulation. Pens are kept clean with sure footing for proper joint development. 


Once their eyes open up, we take individual pictures once a week. We also update our day to day happenings on Instagram Stories and Highlights. 


We think it is so important to spend time with each pup. The puppies are handled every day from the moment they are born.

We have Lab pups in all 50 states plus Canada and a couple over seas. They have been successful used for geese, ducks, doves, grouse, pheasants, and chukars.   Our Labrador Retrievers have also been trained for agility, therapy, search and rescue, service dogs, antler hunting and explosive detection.  Above all our Labs are family members.


When you purchase a Torg's Lab, you have purchased a Lab pup from top of the line field bred labs.  Your Labrador pup carries the intelligence, instincts, trainability, and genetics to go as far as you like in the sport of working retrievers.  He/she can be a family member, a hunting companion, or with proper training capable of competing with the Field Champions of the world.  Your Lab pup has the ability to pursue what ever your interests may be. He will be a loyal friend for life.


All our pups receive early neurological stimulation, vaccinated, wormed, water (weather permitting), and family socialization. Our puppies are whelped by Megan and Bryant under our close supervision. Our whelping rooms are well insulated, meticulously cleaned and built with the moms and puppies in mind. All of our litters have a live camera on them so we can keep a close watch. 

We no longer remove dewclaws. For several years we removed dewclaws but with new research and trends we are deciding to leave them intact. It is less stress on the pups and momma. One of the biggest reasons we want to leave them on is for our late season waterfowl hunters. Please click this link to see why.

We do not offer puppy shipments but recommend using a flight nanny, pet transporter or you can fly here and bring the pup on carry on yourself. 

Pups are $2000

*Sales tax of 7.375% on all sales picked up in Minnesota*

Puppy Deposit Contract:

Puppy Health Guarantee:

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