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Steve and Linda Torgerson are seasoned sports persons, growing up in hunting families and taking to the field at an early age.  Hunting game with dogs has been a life long passion.  Linda has been a dedicated dog breeder for the past 40 years.  Field bred Labradors became our passion 20 years ago.  We breed for those who want a family companion as well as a hunting partner. 

Bryant and Megan Comfort joined us in 2015. Megan is our niece. As Steve and Linda were looking toward retirement they wanted to find someone to continue the legacy they had built. Recently married and both graduated from college and not totally in love with their jobs, they thought it would be a perfect opportunity. Bryant is an avid waterfowl and upland hunter.  Megan and Bryant have a love of the outdoors and share our passion for Quality Labradors for the field and home. They bought Reba, and she had 14 pups her first litter, they were hooked. We continue to mentor them and fill them with knowledge so they can continue Torg's Labs. They live just 2 doors down from us and have their own kennel facility. 


We enjoy running our Labrador Retrievers in AKC and UKC Hunt test, are active members of the Mississippi Headwaters Retriever Club, HRC members, Ducks Unlimited, and Pheasants Forever.


In her many years of experience, Linda has seen it all. She is so knowledgeable and built an amazing foundation for Torg's Labs. She is passionate and committed to bettering the breed.


Steve is the right hand man behind the operation. He has trained and handled a lot of our boys in high stakes competitions. He always has a project going and in summer he keeps the property in great shape so we can have wonderful training opportunities. 

Well not the opener they had hoped for,

If you can't find him its because he is hunting or out in the barn with the dogs. Bryant is committed to helping our girls excel through training. From whelping, cleaning, training, and of course spoiling, he does it all. 

Good Weekend at the HRC event. Ritz, Jol

Megan keeps everyone organized. If you buy a pup from us she will be your go to girl. She enjoys showcasing Bryant's training abilities by handling the girls in Hunt Tests. 

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