Ransom MH QAA x SHR Piper

OFA hip LR-212295G27M-VPI
PennHip highest percentile with .17 and .24
OFA elbows LR-EL65903M24-VPI
Eyes - LR-EYE5111/21M-VPI
PRA/RD/OSD clear
EIC/CNM clear by parents and test
EIC clear by testing: LR-EIC2652/22M-VPI
87 lbs

OFA hip LR-251148E29F-NOPI
OFA ElbowLR-EL99680F29-NOPI
OFA Eyes LR-EYE21230/30F-VPI
Clear on Full Paw Prints Lab Essential Panel but Carrier of SD2

Litter Due 4/28/22
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